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White Lotus (Uppal)

Hyderabad, Telangana
Approval Stage
2 Acre Land Area, 4 Lakh SFT Built up Area Proposed

Project is conceived and designed as a mixed-use urban center at one of Hyderabad’s emerging locality of Uppal . It includes a major shopping and dining destination with the most current in urban entertainment offerings and neighborhood for over 2,500 residents with garden, club and convenience shopping amenities.

This is a planned community that places emphasis on the pedestrian and is conceived as a series of interconnecting pedestrian streets, courtyards, gardens and plazas. At its center, and designed as the signature of the plan, is the expansive water body (Eco lake) of around 1 acre. This Eco lake aids in evaporative cooling and is very effective in Hyderabad’s climatic context. It also provides a historical cultural reference as a focal point for the entire community. The surrounding open spaces are arranged in a hierarchy of most public to most private, beginning with the pedestrian ways of the shopping district along Uppal Road and ending in the private gardens of the residential neighborhoods.

The buildings celebrate the latest in architectural design, outfitted with the most modern building systems and conveying in their imagery the promise of an emerging high-technology future for Hyderabad. Every aspect of design, construction and operation follows the principles of sustainability as integral to the overall concept of this new urban center.

The Urban entertainment centre boasts of many highlights, among which few hightlights are lakefront cafeterias and 8 movie screens. The spacing of courtyards and cut outs is different in the floors , so as to maintain the element of surprise and interest throughout the entire area. The fifth floor consists of a complete dining and informal food courts that are facing the lake.

White Lotus Gallery