Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh




65 Areas,
3 Million SFT Proposed

KLU, an esteemed university in Andhra Pradesh, gave way to the need for the infrastructure to stand out in this ever growing , ever evolving world of design.

The master planning has been done in a way, considering the existing buildings and existing landscape , to segregate the hostels from the institutional buildings, not only to create an efficient plan for easy movement but also to provide the students with the idea of transition from public to their own private space. An axis has been created in the form of roads to define the site with some focus.

The building facade of the R&D Department has an interesting play of material with heavy and light elements, such as terracota tiles and glass to balance concrete. The windows were made even more interesting with the installation of fins, following an innovative design with walls.

The auditorium is one of the main highlights of this project, as the requirement was that it stand out as one of the best and the most progressive designs, among the many institional buildings. Triple height lobby, that gives way to a restaurant under it, with different flights of staircases leading to them, shows the maximum utilization of the design, not only making it visually appealing but also highly efficent, function wise.

The student activity centre is planned behind the green room area, that consists of a sky bridge that leads to the Sports centre and also acts as a gynasium and provides space for various student activities.




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