Aparna Mall

Aparna Mall

Nizamabad, Telengana


2019 | Proposed


1 acre


1 lacs sq ft

Located in the city of Nizamabad in Andhra Pradesh, the upcoming Aparna Mall is the first of its kind in the city. Taking inspiration from the local and prominent architecture elements like Arches and Jaali, the building conforms with the context and relatability to the residents of Nizamabad. The building forms a strong base for public attraction reflecting the modern requirements in urban cities. The Arch is selected as the main feature which encloses urban fabric and controls the light received in the space. Materials like sand stone are used in façade development to reflect the monumental scale and connection to its history.

With spaces like lobby, informal interaction areas, theater, food court, gaming zones etc., this building connects with the residents and harmoniously blends within the urban context. With a clock tower right outside the building, it seeks to become a landmark for the city.

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Aparna Mall
Aparna Mall

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