Hyderbad, Telangana


2015 Phase | Completed


25200 SFT Land Area,
40000 SFT Built-up Area

The design is inspired from the Hanging gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

This project created a kind shwarmerei at our office which pushed our thoughts to envision its magnanimity to nothing short of Artemis's residence. It's Architecture is imposing but inviting in nature. It epitomizes the essence of spaces created in biblical magnificent structures but is also anachronistic. It creates the Paseo's & Vista's in a mutual harmony with the environment.

The cantilevered terrace's which bear the skyline of Hyderabad explains its "inside out" philosophy and makes those internal spaces infinite. The juxtaposition of these terraces creates an art of sciography and redefines the outdoors to indoors. The internal gangways, spacious and internal courtyard helps to breach the claustrophobic nature of a built environment.

The contour land has been used to its maximum extent, hence providing multiple levels in which formal spaces have been provided in the lower levels, and interactive and informal spaces have been provided at the higher levels. The idea of bringing the green spaces into the built environment makes this residence one of it's kind, with green courts provided in every floor. Equipped with all the amenities, from a swimming pool to a sauna, all designed for the utmost pleasure of the clients, this project has is nothing less than a high end luxury living.

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