Bhaskhar Reddy's House

Bhaskhar Reddy’s House

Hyderabad, Telengana


2017-2019 Phase | Completed


23000 SFT Built-up Area

The design was done on a large east west oriented site facing the cityscape. The scale of the site allowed us to design a luxurious private villa accommodating natural spaces with indoor spaces. Initially, the structure was planned as a multi-dwelling unit, but later it was converted into a private villa.

The site had many challenges in levels as it is situated in a hilly range. There is a 3 storey level difference between site entrance and rear boundary. Using this as an advantage, the rear side was utilized for ventilation in basement levels.

This site has a grand entrance overlooking natural vegetation of the city. There is an acute land adjacent to the building which was converted into a beautifully landscaped area which connects to recreational spaces at lower level.

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Bhaskhar Reddy's House
Bhaskhar Reddy's House

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