Hyderabad, Telengana


2016 Phase-1 | Completed


200 Acres Land Area,
30 Lacs SFT Built-up Area

This school is located at Bowrampet area in Hyderabad.

The multifaceted north-south oriented building provides a collective space for entire neighborhood which eventually helped us to shape a sense of community through our design process.

The large U shaped building is organised in a sequence of easily visible and manageable classrooms. The organisation is done in a way that the ground floor contains public activity spaces like auditorium.

The auditorium on the ground floor is defined by its structure where in no columns have been placed in the 37m long span which is a strong contrast to the rest of the building.

The project comprises of extensive educational programmes for -- number of students, -- number of classrooms. The classrooms occupy the upper floors along with laboratories and indoor amenities. The corridor acts as a long passage that connects the internal spaces with the outdoor activity spaces.

A straight staircase is constructed near the outdoor court that connects to the first floor directly and acts as an aesthetic raw feature. The open space creates a buffer between transitions from entrance to the school.

To break the monotony of the large structure, classrooms on the upper floors are cantilevered, wrapped with an urban fabric of louvres to allow in more north light.

The transition between spaces inside the school is like a short walk in nature that helps increase learning and embraces a peaceful environment for students.

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