Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh


2019 | Ongoing


5 acres



An advanced seed testing laboratory is proposed for the new state of Andhra Pradesh called as DNA Fingerprinting & Transgenic Crops Monitoring Laboratory (DFTCM Lab).

The design process followed an efficient way of combining functions and purpose of the building. Designed with an exposed concrete finish, DFTCML is a complete modern structure, which also marks the growth of Amaravathi as a smart city. The elevation was inspired by the shape of a DNA - 2 strands between 4 bases. This is shown by multi colored Aluminium louvers in the facade treatment.

The project stretches its domain to a barrier free environment, self-sustainability, green design and envisages minimizing carbon footprint and providing its residents a green adobe to thrive and cherish. The architecture of the campus is minimalistic but bold with exposed concrete as the prima facie material. The result is solid geometries and playful space merging with its environment without being intimidating.

The services are planned in accordance with site topography which minimizes overhead costs. Breakout green zones provide natural outdoors for socializing and act as comfort zones between buildings ensuring apt sunlight and ventilation. All areas connect to each other at all the levels through gangways reducing unnecessary traveling distances.

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