Game Tower

Game Tower

Hyderabad, Telengana


2015 | Design Competition


6 Acres Land Area,
6 Lacs SFT Built-up Area

The site location was Hitech city at Hyderabad and the road in front has a very metropolitan nature. Surrounded by tech companies with buildings that depict diversity in architecture, a landmark that becomes an identity was a perfect fit as the design approach.

Major influx of traffic was considered in devising the major viewpoints as seen by the influx traffic. The first 4 floor were dedicated to the academy and the common facilities. The east portion being the academy and the west portion as the common facilities area and the center as reception. Offices were placed on top to provide privacy.

The building planes were tilted to provide different viewing angles for the occupants and an accentuating view for the viewers. Office masses were divided to make terraces which can be used as the spill over spaces. This was done while considering the building cores. The building hence gets divided into sets of vertical masses ending into green terraces which are being used as spill over spaces and which also act as a great insulation objects for the building reducing their carbon footprint. The lower masses were tilted outside while the upper masses were tilted inside so as to accentuate the verticality of the building. The east and west side exposed glass façade areas were cladded with green louvers to reduce heat gain in the buildings.

The visitor drop-off location was decided at the central axis of the building, along south-north direction. To avoid conflict with the vehicular traffic, a ramp was given for the pedestrians to directly access the reception area. The signature space of the plan, the Central Ramp provides the major identity reference for the project. It is a public place, the space that all major functions abut and all major pathways lead to.

The master plan provides for an urban community with active streetscapes providing a variety of street types. The overriding principle has been to establish a community with vitality at the street level that is required to create a successful urban place.

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Game Tower
Game Tower

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