KLU R & D Building

KLU R & D Building

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh


2021 | Completed



Amidst the KL University, Vijayawada stands tall, a commercial R&D Block. Designed for research and skill development, spaces are designed strategically with residential blocks to accommodate students and visitors.

Architecture and Planning block, Skill Development Centre, Research and Development block, sports complex have been planned strategically along with residential blocks for accommodation of students and visiting faculty. The structures have an interesting play of materials and details with contrast of heavy and light elements such as terracotta tiles and glass to balance the heaviness of concrete. The classrooms are designed and aligned keeping in mind the volumes of space without generating dead spaces.

Open spaces are used as bicycle tracks, green spaces reducing the carbon footprint of the building. The textures and colors used depict the growing industrial architecture tradition. Vertical slats used in the facade avoid direct entry of sunlight inside the building while also providing visibility of serene exterior views.

Sustainable design was our central focus, thus with apt usage of solar panels and natural light has reduced by 10% in the campus.

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KLU R & D Building
KLU R & D Building

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