Moulika Residence, Jubilee Hills

Hyderabad, Telengana





Built Up Area


Named the “courtyard house”, this villa in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad is a sight to behold. With a stilt floor for home office and servant quarters and 4 floors above, this villa speaks luxury in every form.

To invite natural light into the house, 2 courtyards are built in the northern side of the plot.

The ground floor includes formal and informal living and spaces to entertain guests. A 250 sq ft kitchen garden is also grown in the south east part of the house. The above 2 floors consist of rooms and a family living area for residents, while the third floor is for recreational spaces including a gym, pool, bar and home theater. The terrace is designed with landscape and seating areas for hosting parties, which also increases thermal comfort.

The structure is split into smaller shifted volumes, which alternate in height and facade to make the space more human-oriented, and to animate the facade. Basic building materials like wood, metal and concrete are used to enhance the rather simple facade. With clever vertical slats, the building looks elongated which is translated in the boundary wall and main gate to make the whole facade seamless.

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