Namisree Corporate Office

Namisree Corporate Office

Hyderabad, Telengana


2020, Completed


7,500 sq ft

Located on the 15th floor of a commercial building in the heart of the city, Namisree corporate office is designed on a rectangular plan with windows on longitudinal sides overlooking the city on one side while the beautiful Hussain Sagar on the other.

An office space set across 7,500 sq ft is an open studio space which enriches a positive environment for employees. The space is divided in two parts, workstation and private cabins which are visually and physically separated by a model display area cum seating space. To create an interesting raw aesthetic that matches with the client’s work, a gabion wall has been built in public spaces like reception, discussion area and waiting space.

The interior color palette has been kept minimal to divert the focus to features like gabion wall, exposed brick wall and metal frame structures. We aimed to create a space that maintains the brief while providing multiple spaces for informal interaction. In order to provide opportunity to employees to make business and private calls, two phone booths have also been positioned on either side of the workstation. The design sets out to promote a different dimension in design but to also convey the humble nature of the company.

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Namisree Corporate Office
Namisree Corporate Office