Niky Hotel

Niky Hotel

Jodhpur, Rajasthan


2019 | Proposed


2.3 Acres


1.33 lacs sq ft

Niky hotel is designed with an aim to inherit local architecture and provide a nostalgic experience by reproducing the ancient architecture. The design process majorly revolved around maintaining the essential value through openness of spaces and functions. With this design framework, this project seeks to catalyze the rather dying native architecture style. The façade design takes up inspiration from Jaipur architecture by adopting elements like Arches, Jaalis, Chattris and Domes.

Along with the modern approach in design planning, sustainable design has also been considered to make it a certified green building. This will be achieved by aiming at reduction in energy consumption and carbon foot print, use of eco-friendly materials and maintaining Indoor Air Quality.

With a built-up area of 1.34 lacs sq. ft, including spacious banquet halls, lawns, parking for over 150 cars, JMJ aims to carve a niche in the hotel industry. The planning was done around a central courtyard to provide natural light and ventilation to enclosed spaces. The banquet hall and lawn are planned at the rear end to avoid vehicular congestion. The building is planned with a smaller footprint for future expansion, where light roof structures can be economically built.

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Niky Hotel
Niky Hotel