Swathi’s Residence

Hyderabad, Telengana




8150 sqft

Built Up Area

7770 sq ft

A family house for a joint-family built in a residential neighborhood in Lingampally area of Hyderabad is a dynamic setting of architectural features and elements. This East-facing house is made vastu compliant to cater to client’s needs. The planning was done considering climatology and local regulations. We achieved a contemporary look while also fulfilling our client’s requirements. Double height areas at every corner are created to steal more sunlight from the East side, while spaces near the South side are kept covered to avoid direct heat inside the building. Natural light from high windows makes the spaces look spacious and gives an outdoor feel. materials were chosen to complement the interior spaces, the entrance looks rather opaque while the interiors are lined with abundance of light.

Each floor has been given a function of its own. Ground floor serves guests and the public, upper floors are built for private purpose while the terrace is used for recreation. This provides freedom to residents to live independently. The house depicts a dramatic character and blends in yet stands out in its surroundings.

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