Vibhav X

Banjara Hills, Hyderabad


2021 | Proposed

Built-up Area

42,000 sq ft

In the midst of Hyderabad’s posh area, Banjara Hills is an upcoming 5 storey commercial space. Consisting of a showroom and office space, this building has the potential to be a lively place for employees and customers. It was exciting for us to implement an open corporate architecture in the design which would help its users have both informal and formal experiences without hindering their work. The exterior of the building is clad with vertical louvers and variable shades of glass which provides the right amount of shade and light inside the structure. Also creating an infinitely changing play of shadows in the podium area.

Dedicated discussion areas, meeting spaces are assigned which create an inviting and flexible work atmosphere. The corporate concept used depicts the clients sensible yet firm nature which is reflected through lighting and color concepts.

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