Bangalore, Karnataka


2019 | Proposed


24611 SFT Land Area,
90000 SFT Built-up Area

Vitana is a proposed commercial development amidst the busy industrial area of whitefield with promixity to good architecturally prominent buildings. The clients wanted to create a landmark building that would stand amidst the peripheral trees. The idea was to develop the building in response to the three large trees guarding the site. The 2 base floors were maintained following the setback requirements while cantelievering the top floors to meet the area requirements reflecting the language of branching of the trees.The massing was hence developed by placing the core in the center to create flexible and dynamic spaces that could be used as per the requirement of the client, closing the south side from the adjacent building while cutting down the heat. The northeast corner is projected to create a mass that is favourable for the vastu, reflecting the building as an extension of the trees while giving the user an experience of walking under the shade of trees.

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