Woxen Library

Woxsen Library

Hyderabad, Telangana


2021 | Completed


Built Up Area - 50,000 sq ft

As spaces are necessary for gatherings and social interactions to urban life, architecture can also act as a catalyst to encourage understanding. This is possible by designing buildings which advocate knowledge, empathy and curiosity, a place where ideas are celebrated - a Library.

By designing such a space, we are creating room for education and new ideas. The exact philosophy was followed by the architects and our clients to create a library spread across 50,000 sq. ft with world class amenities and interiors. This library is a part of Woxsen university spread across 200 acres and thus had to be exemplary in terms of scale and upgrading the townscape.

To strengthen the existing infrastructure, the volume was kept open to provide transparency. Thanks to its volume and dynamic identity, the building fits naturally along with its composite structure use of steel and concrete. Structure wise, a leap of design was taken in the form of coffered slab which we could use to increase larger span.

The design process involved creating double height spaces to create an illusion of every space being on one level. This was achieved by constructing slabs in a way which creates voids in 4 floors giving an optical illusion, also making sure the visibility is maintained throughout. This, in turn, allows more light and ventilation inside the building and strengthens the building's role in being sustainable. 80% of the façade is double glazed to allow penetration of sunlight. This also reduces energy consumption as use of mechanical ventilation is brought down. Facilities like coffee shop, reading nooks have been carefully designed in the library building. A common place for social interaction is as important as a private reading time, both of which have been incorporated in the space encouraging students to spend more time creating ideas.

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Woxen Library
Woxen Library

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