Y-Axis Kukatpally


Hyderabad, Telengana


2018 | Completed


4000 SFT Built-up Area

The purpose of concept is to build an extraordinary cozy workplace with the minimal style that fits brand image and somehow bring the industrial vibes into space. The office is divided into 5 main units, in which centre Mezzanine Island is prominent as a big town hall at the centre fit-outed with glass doors and able to be completely open to the other areas to create a spacious and cohesive space when needed. Thus, kind of movable table is the ultimate option. The well- designed reception lounge nurture both collaborative and focussed work style. Besides, utilizing corners to be informal settings for relaxing or discussion is a good idea to maximize space.

Designed with an industrial feel, incorporating the buildings unique architecture, Y Axis new commercial space perfectly complements the businesses modern and innovative culture and brand identity. To enhance employee productivity and flexibility Concept created nooks, open office plan, break out zones and meeting rooms to maximize collaboration, while workstations were positioned to enjoy the buildings natural light. Design elements such as Glass, velvets, timber flooring, carpet and industrial tiling, custom hanging lights, put a spin on the classic business aesthetic. A short-term lease meant an emphasis on furniture and lighting, all elements which can be taken to the next space, providing exceptional value without compromising the finished project.

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